Sibling Rivalry: Z4 Edition

Sibling Rivalry: Z4 Edition

As the leaves were beginning to change and the days subsequently became shorter we received a phone call from European Car. The editor saw the 3D Design North America E89 at the 2011 installment of Bimmerfest in Pasadena. We were invited along with Fall Line Motorsport to a closed track event in order to showcase two zeds built for entirely different purposes. The theme selected is that of a proverbial sibling rivalry. We couldn’t ask for a better day as the track was dry, the temperature mild, and lighting ideal. Below are some photos from the event.

For more information on the vehicles check out the December 2011 issue of European Car or visit them online.

drv_1662.jpg (3872×2592)

drv_1509.jpg (3872×2592)

drv_1703.jpg (3872×2592)

drv_1783.jpg (3872×2592)

drv_2070.jpg (3872×2592)

drv_1492.jpg (3872×2592)

drv_1732.jpg (3872×2592)

drv_1802.jpg (3872×2592)

drv_2066.jpg (3872×2592)

z4_european_page01.jpg (4195×3119)

z4_european_page02.jpg (4222×3104)

z4_european_page03.jpg (4341×3106)


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