Many people know Kris from modmynav for his knowledge of programming, professional installations, and all of the product offerings that help bring the little creature comforts and additional safety features we yearn for in our modern BMW’s. Recently Kris made the journey from San Francisco to the Windy city. It was a big adjustment coming from San Francisco to a big city with a small town bravado that at times possesses questionable politics as well as roads that have seen better days. In exchange for his sacrifice of California sun shine we have introduced Kris to deep dish pizza and cold weather.

Upon arrival Kris has been extremely helpful and has afforded us the opportunity to bring a service to our customers that was virtually non-existent. Inspired by the move Kris@modmynav arrived at the decision that his car needed a new look to go with his new environment. Drawing inspiration from the roundel Kris chose Bavaria blue as the focal point of the makeover. You can see Bavaria blue speckled across the E92 from the TE37SL’s, to custom painted performance spoiler, and even the mirror caps. More mods are soon to come including a set of pole positions, but with winter around the corner Kris made the decision to hold off and take full advantage of the heated seats.

img_9077.jpg (1200×800)

img_9013.jpg (1200×800)

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