Ruby Red Individual F80 M3

Ruby Red Individual F80 M3

BMW’s individual program allows clients to personalize their cars outside of the factory color palette from the exterior paint color, to the interior stitching. The extensiveness of the program satisfies many, however for the enthusiast that is looking for more customization outside of what is offered from the factory, IND is able to meet these needs.

Our client with an already gorgeous F80 example approached us with the goal of eliminating the unsightly chrome accents on the vehicle, replacing the front factory reflectors with painted counterparts, and making the front and side profile of the M3 more aggressive. The vehicle came optioned with Ruby Red exterior paint, Amaro Brown Interior, and White Ash Grain wood trim from the factory. The modlist is below, followed by pictures we’ve taken!

  • Lightweight Front Lip
  • IND Trimmed M Performance Side Sills
  • IND Black Chrome Front Grille Surrounds
  • IND Black Chrome Side Grilles
  • IND Black Chrome Trunk Emblem
  • IND Colormatch Painted Front Reflectors





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