RKP F90 M5 Carbon Kevlar Side Skirt Set

In an era when carbon is king, RKP Composites has become synonymous with creating iconic aero components for modern BMWs. RKP’s signature look stems from a thorough study of BMW’s own design language, borrowing design cues that make RKP products feel like natural, stylistic extensions of the OEM pieces.

With this impeccable dedication to design in mind, RKP put pen to paper to spawn their first side skirt for the F90 M5. Each skirt has been sculpted to appeal to a wide but discerning audience, walking that fine line between OEM+ and subtle aggression. Examining them right out of the box is a visual treat—there is so much more here than just flat pieces of carbon. As your eyes travel along each skirt, you’re greeted by these unique carbon channels that serve two purposes: 1.) nod to the natural lines of the M5 and 2.) add design details that make the skirts look more purposeful and aggressive. 

As with the F80 variant, the design, mold and manufacturing is completed in RKP's US facility using a vacuum infusion process, which yields an excellent carbon-to-resin ratio. This ratio means the side skirt is resilient—a valuable characteristic for aero parts that will be exposed to unpredictable driving situations.

Eager to go beyond the predictable, RKP’s F90 M5 side skirts feature a kevlar underside. Mating this premium material to carbon further increases strength and adds an exceptional quality and attention to detail that goes unmatched within today’s market. 

As you’ve come to expect from RKP, fitment and weave integrity are perfect and quality is guaranteed.

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