RKP F87 M2 Titanium Corner Braces

RKP F87 M2 Titanium Corner Braces

The steady march of progress at BMW M happens both publicly and behind the scenes. Publicly, BMW M has moved to the use of composites to lighten their newest M cars, direct injection and turbocharging to usher in a new era of efficiency and high power output, and advanced suspension designs to give M drivers even more of the response and road feedback that makes BMW M famous.

Less in the public eye has been BMWs battle with chassis rigidity. The M2 has over 20 distinct chassis braces… the M4, even more. Although this myriad of braces typically goes unnoticed by the average M owner, the engineers at M understand that a rigid chassis is the foundation of all other performance delivered by any M car.

While the M2 gracefully balances manufacturing cost, MSRP, and incredible performance, the cost savings does result in some components that are not optimized in their construction and engineering. We’ve found that the front support braces found on the M2 are one such component, and have worked with RKP to improve on the original BMW design. What started as a project intended only for IND’s own M2 has transformed into a low volume run of the RKP corner braces, available for those that are interested in improving the appearance and rigidity of their M2s.

Below we’ve shot photos of our first set of titanium corner braces for your enjoyment!

The RKP F87 M2 Corner Braces may be viewed here in our online store:

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