RKP F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Roof

RKP F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Roof

RKP’s mission as a designer of Carbon Fiber exterior components has always included bringing the unobtainable to M owners. Unique RKP designs, BMW Motorsport parts, and other rare items have been a staple of RKP’s business model.

Although we can’t share the full extent of RKP’s plans for the M2 yet, we are able to reveal one critical aspect of the big picture for the RKP M2 program: the RKP M2 roof. Choosing the design for the RKP roof was simple, when keeping in mind RKP’s drive to achieve the unattainable. The designers at RKP knew that they couldn’t simply produce a flat roof surface for a car with the sporting character of the M2. Instead, the F82 M4 Carbon Fiber roof was laser scanned and converted to a solid CAD model. After the M4 roof shape was analyzed and digitally measured, the surface was re-designed and modified to fit the M2’s unique body shape and proportions. All ratios were carefully evaluated, giving RKP a roof panel that is reminiscent of the M4’s roof, but specifically sized for the M2.

Once the initial design was approved, special tooling had to be machined to create the new M2 roof shape, eventually leading to the very special F87 M2 roof you see before you. While the remainder of the RKP M2 program has yet to be revealed, I can say now that the remaining components will be specifically designed to work with the new RKP roof from a visual and design perspective.

Enjoy the photos of the new RKP M2 roof!

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