Reinventing Brilliant White

Reinventing Brilliant White

Larry, or BigLare as he is known on M3Post, is no stranger to having his M3 in the public eye. Larry’s Brilliant White BMW Individual M3 has one of the most recognizable, unique looks around so as IND we had a difficult task ahead of us when Larry asked us to install a carbon roof just in time for the SEMA show. How do you make one of the most unique, recognizable cars in the E9x M3 business even more unique and recognizable, without being excessive and gaudy?

Luckily, Challenge Engineering came to the rescue. The guys at Challenge shared an idea with us that had not yet been seen in the M3 community- the “Zonda style” or “V Weave”. Horacio Pagani introduced this weave on his Zonda F supercar to show his mastery over carbon fiber. By laying the carbon fiber in a V shape, you are forced to match every square and pleat of carbon to the opposite side. Each square must lay perfectly in line with every other to make a perfect formation, and this is an incredibly difficult thing to do. Larry and the staff at IND knew immediately that this idea from Challenge was the perfect tasteful and unique feature, and was destined to be the next step for Larry’s Brilliant White M3. Together with a full host of Challenge exterior parts in a matching V Weave, the carbon roof is an absolutely one-off piece.

As easy as it was to create the perfect idea for this car, completing the project was just as difficult. The car was dropped off at our facility five days before it had to leave for the SEMA show!

The car rumbled it’s way into the shop seconds after rolling off of our transport. We immediately removed the interior, and began cutting away the factory roof panel. By day three, the beautiful Challenge roof was installed, and the rest of the project could be completed.

IND also installed KW ClubSport suspension, RD Sport sway bars, and Rogue Engineering toe arms to improve the car’s already competent handling. We refinished the Volk G2 wheels in a high gloss black finish, and applied a unique color to Larry’s Brembo GT kit– BMW Fiji Green.

Five days after showing up at IND, Larry’s Brilliant White beast rolled back onto our transporter and headed out to meet the crowd at SEMA.

Come see the car at the SEMA show in the first week of November!

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