Refining the Silver Ghost

Refining the Silver Ghost

Many members of M3Post know Arash’s Silver Ghost E90 M3. This SilverStone sedan is one of the most impressive of it’s kind, and just like we’ve described in previous stories a real reflection of Arash’s personality and lifestyle. Arash is at a point where the car is no longer something that can be built from the ground up- it is “complete” in every sense of the word. Over the years we have had the opportunity to help Arash’s E90 to grow and progress into the machine it is today.

So what do you do when you have your vision of the perfect M3? You refine. Instead of making major changes, this year we’ve focused on refining what’s already there for a more perfect overall package. The refinished Brembos in our IND Motorsport theme work perfectly with either the polished street wheels or an aggressive track wheel. The new Silverstone painted interior trim brightens the inside of the car and adds a more custom feel while the IND shifter extension makes shifting quickly as easy as possible.

The ultimate additions to the car this year are found under the hood. Although the car already had a potent VT2-600 supercharger kit from ESS, pushing the envelope of what’s possible is certainly part of the pleasure of modifying a car and this E90 is a prime example of that. During the car’s stay at IND we installed a host of components by Motorsport 24 including their radiator, oil cooler, and headers, and the ultimate upgrade from ESS- the VT2-650 kit. The crank pulley on the S65 engine was changed in favor of a special pulley from ESS, and this coupled with a new supercharger pulley and injectors produces 8.5psi of boost and easily the fastest ESS car I have ever driven!

Although the car is visually similar to it’s look last season, we managed to sneak it over to one of our nearby photo locations for a quick shoot with Green Hell, before Arash made the 8 hour trek back to Toronto. Enjoy the photos!


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