Preview: 3D Design G05 X5 M-Sport Aero Program

3D Design has penned another masterpiece with their all-new G05 X5 program—a handsome suite that enhances the muscular character of BMW’s original SAV. As the official North American distributor for 3D Design, we are proud to showcase a quick preview of these upgrades before their official debut stateside.


The G05 X5 M-Sport aero program includes a polyurethane front lip and roof spoiler—both of which have been matched to BMW’s gorgeous Phytonic Blue Metallic paint. The front lip spoiler is one of our favorites and it makes the OEM treatment look unfinished by comparison. The front end looks much more cohesive with the 3D Design lip fitted and the effect is multiplied as a paint-matched piece.


Swinging around to the back of the car, the roof spoiler brings a bit of M flair to the car’s sightline. It’s a subtle add-on, but 3D Design has always been proficient at mastering the “less is more” aesthetic. From above is where you’re able to appreciate more of 3D’s sculpted design work, following the OEM lines outward and adding a much appreciate sense of balance to the rear of the car. That sculpting complements the OEM rear diffuser well and 3D deemed it fetching enough from BMW’s design department not to touch it.

Since 3D Design’s usual aero suite is abbreviated, they chose to focus their additional energy on some other X5 upgrades within their wheelhouse: a Booster Chip (version 3) and a valved exhaust system. Their bespoke mapping adds noticeable performance to the G05, all with the peace of mind of 3D’s vast tuning experience.

3D called upon Arqray, a renowned exhaust manufacturer in Japan, to help design an exhaust that would provide not only better performance, but match the prestigious demeanor of the G05 platform. The result is an exhaust that carries Arqray’s signature tone—a full-bodied, sporty (yet refined) climb to redline persists.

Inside, familiarity ensues—3D’s aluminum pedal set and carbon shift paddles make the cabin feel that much more special and are welcomed additions to virtually every car we build here at IND.

Be sure to check back often for updates—we will make announcements about the G05 M-Sport program as soon as it becomes available here in North America.

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