OEM+ Upgrades Available from IND

There’s nothing quite so satisfying as procuring factory upgrades for your BMW. Through the years, we at IND have always prided ourselves in being able to source the finest and rarest parts from our favorite manufacturer.



BMW OEM Euro F82 M4 GTS Seats




BMW Motorsport Golf Ball Shift Knob



OEM M4 GT4 Carbon Wing



BMW Motorsport E36 Seat Belts


Factory BMW upgrades have become even more popular of late—BMW’s M Performance modifications offer the OEM quality fit and finish that can rarely be recreated in aftermarket programs, and a styling that truly resonates BMW’s design philosophies. From carbon cosmetic accessories, to suspension, and interior enhancements, IND has made it a priority to offer it all. And in most cases, we’re able to add a signature IND touch to make you stand out from the crowd even more.



BMW M Performance F90 M5 Front Grille Set + IND M Tri-Color



M Performance F87 M2 LCI Shift Knob + IND Polar Blue or Orange Stitch Boot



M Performance F8X M3 / M4 Carbon Splitter Set + IND CRT Stripe (Atlantis Metallic)


M Performance F8X M3 / M4 Steering Wheel Trim - Matte Clear + Grigio Telesto


With BMW now partitioning their model lineup into standard and Competition tiers (and sometimes beyond), we have also made it a priority for owners of BMW’s latest M cars to easily upgrade factory cosmetic finishes—the F95 X5M, F97 X3M, and F97 M2CS being the three most recent additions. Out the gate, these BMW-born upgrades have been incredibly popular since most aftermarket accessories are still in development.



BMW F95 X5M Competition Side Grille Set – OEM Gloss Black Finish



OEM Core M2CS Trunk Emblems in Chrome, Black Chrome, Matte Black, and Gloss Black (left to right)



OEM F97 X3M Competition Front Grille Set + IND Tri-Color


Not to be forgotten, we have also started revisiting some of our favorite BMW chassis of old. The E9X M3 was a platform that really catapulted the IND name and we are still finding ways to not only add special OEM touches to the V8 M3, but also valuable replacement parts to ensure your E9X looks as good as it drives.



OEM E9X M3 Limited Edition Ignition Switch + IND Buttons



OEM “M Power” Leather E-Brake Handle



BMW E9X M3 Replacement Side Grille Emblem Set


The best part about OEM upgrades is that they stand the test of time—it’s a huge reason why some of our most popular IND accessories use OEM cores as their foundation. These tasteful upgrades make a very clear statement about not only you as an enthusiast, but the car itself. Whatever in parked in your garage, whether from the current catalog or BMW’s archive, you can be sure that IND can help find what you need to make your OEM+ dream come to fruition.

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