New Release: Stercken F95 X5M Carbon Front Splitter Set

The F95 X5M is Sterckenn's sophomore effort into BMW’s SUV market and we’re happy to report that it doesn’t fall victim to the well-known slump. Echoing the rest of their product line, Sterckenn adopted its tried-and-true strategy of combining discreet aesthetics with exceptional aerodynamic effectiveness. The finished work, featuring a twill weave pattern, brings an even greater visual impact than the stock equivalent. It manages to blend perfectly with the M Performance design details without dominating the overall look.



We’re growing quite fond of the modular approach that we were introduced to on Sterckenn’s F97 X3M front splitter—the trio of pieces accentuate the aggressive nature of the X5M’s bumper while the modularity allows you are able to replace components as necessary should any of them become damaged over time.

“The looks and performance have been upgraded with the additional winglets mounted at the outer ends of the side splitters. This bold move adds further visual drama to the front-end looks of the X5M and reminds us of the most iconic BMW designs of the past.”






Installed together, the three sections create a harmonious and welcomed addition to the front fascia. The side splitters curl over the edges of the bumper to terminate just before the start of the factory wheel arch—a really nice touch that adds more visual continuity to the front of the car. As with the X3M, factory ground clearance is virtually unaffected, so users won’t have to change their driving habits with these fitted.



We’ve said it before: despite the boutique scale of Sterckenn’s operation, their fit and finish echoes the quality standard of much larger production houses. The Sterckenn F95 X5M front splitter set is certainly a compelling and welcomed alternative to our family of brands.


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