New Release: RKP F97 X3M Carbon Front Lip

Eleven months. This is how long it took to develop the new RKP F97 X3M carbon front lip. RKP’s F85 X5M front lip is a tough act to follow and the pressure to succeed demanded exhaustive and astute prototyping. Indeed, nearly ten different designs were considered. Some changes were almost imperceivable to quick glances, but to RKP, getting those little details right meant everything.

“As BMW’s own exterior design continues to evolve, so too should aftermarket aero components.”

RKP’s design engineer continues, “Doing so not only ensures our components will flow within BMW’s design language, but also that each piece serves a purpose, whether style or aerodynamic benefit.” Admittedly, the consideration for continuing BMW’s design language is a large part of what makes RKP special. The parts never appear as an afterthought, but instead, as a seamless transition that intensifies the distinctive “M” personality. 

Truly, holding the first production F97 X3M front lip was remarkable. There is an inherent risk when you create a design as intricate as this: a compromised weave pattern. But despite the complex construction, the 2x2 weave is perfectly maintained from one end to another—an extraordinary testament to RKP’s meticulous production methods.

RKP’s F97 X3M carbon front lip is perhaps the perfect realization of the quote “good things come to those who wait”—it is, by far and away, a masterpiece of design and manufacturing. Once installed, you’re able to appreciate the intricate details even more—the RKP lip features deep center and side channeling to preserve adequate airflow to the oil cooler and brake rotor area. The contact points for each lip are pre-fashioned with double-sided tape and seemingly espouse the OEM bumper. The included reinforcement bracket, adorned with two RKP decals for authenticity, installs inside the OEM bumper to ensure your lip has adequate support through more spirited driving conditions.

All in all, we at IND are humbled to finally introduce this long-anticipated component to the BMW community. It has exceeded every perceivable expectation and keeps us in eager suspense for the rest of the RKP F97 X3M aero program. The RKP F97 X3M carbon front lip is now available for pre-order—please contact an IND representative to secure yours as production continues.

Product Details:

  • Fits F97 X3M
  • Includes hardware kit and reinforcement bracket
  • Pre-drilled and taped for easy installation
  • 2x2 directional carbon fiber weave
  • Proudly made in USA

Words and Photos: Mike Maravilla (@unscenemedia)

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