New Release: Eventuri F56 Mini JCW GP3 Carbon Intake


No small feat. Eventuri's work to create a potent carbon intake system for the all-new Mini GP3 has been a large undertaking, but the results speak for themselves. Taking their accrued knowledge from their previous Mini systems, as well as the newest generation of BMW (B48/B58) systems, this JCW GP3 and Clubman is an absolute winner.

This sealed system ensures the hard-working turbo does not draw hot air from the engine bay. To compound the effect of the sealed system, there is fresh, ambient air being fed through the system by two methods: the traditional inlet and via a functional hood scoop—a familiar carryover from previous Eventuri Mini intakes.


The OEM intake draws in air from behind the front grill, above the radiator. As you'd imagine, this opening is quite small and can potentially lead to heat soak, especially on tuned Minis. Strangely enough, the OEM hood scoop has not been utilized to bolster the intake inlet—Eventuri has re-purposed this design feature into a functional piece. Two inlet ramps guide external air through the previously non-functional scoop cut-outs and into the inlet duct. As the car picks up speed, more air is forced into the duct, which helps prevent any heat soak.
Because this scoop is now a functional feed to the intake system, preventing harmful water ingress has been a careful consideration as well.

JCW GP3: 15-18HP, 17-20FT/LB

The results of this clever engineering effort speaks for themselves: a healthy 15-18 horsepower and 17-20ft/lbs of torque are gained by fitting this intake alone. Fairly impressive gains in an already potent factory package with a glorious sound to boot.

Dealer Application