New Release: Eventuri F4X M135i / M235i / F39 X2 Carbon Intake


Eventuri's reputation since day one has rested on two paradigms: create a product that oozes visual appeal and also make legitimate power gains. Achieving both of those aims simultaneously has been a tall ask within the aftermarket intake industry, but Eventuri has done it time and time again.
Their latest release aims to give the F4X M135i / M235i / F39 X2 (B48) the punch that many other BMW offerings currently enjoy and we at IND Distribution are proud to be here to introduce this new system to you.


The F40 M135i, F44 M235i Eventuri intake system was developed through extensive real world testing and airflow simulation analysis. It features their patented Venturi housing system with an integrated Mass Air Flow sensor section for the smoothest possible airflow to the turbo inlet tube. The housing encases our bespoke generation 2 dry filter which helps to shape the airflow to maintain laminar conditions. The housing seals against the re-designed front duct to further maximize flow. As a whole, the system allows for better throttle response and allows for the turbo to work with a lower waste-gate duty cycle.


This crucial piece has been redesigned to maximize internal air volume. With the mounting points now hidden, the duct makes intelligent use of the space over the slam panel. Flexible rubber edging mates the duct to the filter housing, allowing adequate movement during hard acceleration while also ensuring a proper seal to guard against power-robbing engine bay heat.


The V2 filter is shrouded by a gorgeous piece of carbon which smoothly shapes airflow down towards the MAF. Keen eyes will notice that the actual airflow pathway is now changed—Eventuri's work here makes the journey much more direct with no hard angles for the air to circumvent. The result is a turbo that is able to function with much less drag.

For interested parties or for more information on this all new carbon intake, please contact an IND representative. This system is now available for pre-order and the first production units will tentatively be available to ship by the end of September 2020.

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