New Release: AMS Performance A90 Supra 3" Charge Pipe

AMS Performance has made a name for themselves in extracting gobs of horsepower from turbocharged Japanese and German autos. The A90 Supra is one of the newest platforms that AMS has exhaustively tested to first understand the car's potential and later identify areas where they can engineer improvement.

Indeed, AMS's commitment to extracting the most exhaustive knowledge from A90 platform meant they would obtain multiple cars to develop the new chassis in several, unique ways: street, drag, and track.

In the 9's: AMS Performance Drag Development A90 Supra

The fifth gen Supra's BMW roots had us keen to see what AMS would come up with and thus far, we've been thrilled with the results. Their downpipe was one of the very first performance mods we added to our own A90 and it remains one of our favorites. Today, we are greeted by another welcomed entry into the Supra aftermarket: the AMS 3" charge pipe.

On turbocharged vehicles, removing induction restriction is crucial to improving the airflow and ultimately horsepower output of the engine. The AMS Performance Supra Charge Pipe is a direct replacement for the flimsy, plastic OEM unit and is the perfect addition to your car, whether as a simple upgrade or to lay a better foundation for bigger horsepower aspirations later on.

AMS Performance A90 Supra 3" Charge Pipe

Indeed, the goal here was not just to make horsepower, but also to effectively "future proof" your Supra should you add a larger turbo or methanol injection. The lightweight 3” mandrel bent aluminum tubing is smooth inside and out, meaning unobstructed airflow. In fact, the AMS Performance Toyota Supra 3″ Charge Pipe improves the cross sectional area by an average of approximately 30% and as much as 52% in some of the more restrictive locations.

AMS Performance A90 Supra Charge Pipe (left) vs OEM (right)

As an added benefit to these performance gains, the 3" charge pipe is completely plug and play and includes the necessary hardware to guarantee a straight-forward installation. We are incredibly proud to be amongst the first to offer this piece to our dealer network and are chomping at the bit to get this (as well as a slew of other goodies) fitted to our own shop car. Stay tuned for more and please contact an IND representative to order your AMS A90 Supra charge pipe today.

Product Details:

  • Replaces the potential weak point OEM plastic charge pipe
  • Dual 1/8″ NPT ports built in for methanol, nitrous, etc.
  • Massive 52% increase in cross sectional area over OEM in some locations
  • Drastically increased airflow over OEM
  • Added airflow means more horsepower capability
  • Direct bolt-in for easy install and includes all necessary hardware

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