Motorsport 24 Carbon Front Lip for the F87 M2

Motorsport 24 Carbon Front Lip for the F87 M2

Motorsport24 has taken a practical approach to creating aerodynamic and body components that are highly effective when used on the racetrack, and also have a purposeful appearance on street vehicles. With this methodology in mind, they have released their Carbon Fiber GT front lip for the F87 M2. The lip design channels air under the front bumper with the goal of providing airflow to a flat-lying oil cooler that Motorsport24 will be releasing in the future. Paired together, the lip and the cooler will provide optimal cooling when used on the race track. Visibly, the lip also complements the F87 M2’s front bumper shape, fitting nicely and giving a complete look.

With their initial prototype, Motorsport24 hand laminated the front lip leaving a rougher finish, as the main focus was function. We were not pleased with the first run of lips that came to IND. However with the most recent revision, they’ve constructed the lip using a prepreg process, yielding a uniform carbon fiber finish with excellent, glossy clarity. In addition, the lip gained strength over the hand-layed prototype, as prepreg carbon fiber reduces the amount of excess resin in the body of the carbon fiber. This excess resin increases brittleness of the carbon fiber body, and makes it more prone to crack over time.

Between the functionality, increased durability, and the beautiful physical appearance of the front lip, it is ideal for both track, and street car applications alike.

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