Meow Power!

Meow Power!

The E86 Z4M seen in these photos is not Kristin’s first attempt at modifying a car, and it shows. Kristin is a long-standing and well respected member of Chicago’s modified car community so she wasted no time with her new Z4 when she got rid of her extensively modified Hyundai Tiburon in favor of one of BMW’s most interactive M cars.

Although this Z4M is in it’s very early stages of modification and will remain a constant work in progress, Kristin was able to work with IND to give the car a striking appearance by adding just a few components. We knew that an aggressive stance was a critical aspect of this car’s personality- a project like this begins by examining the stance and wheel fitment and expounds thematically from that starting point.

The car’s aggressive fitment is achieved by using Work VS-XX wheels in an 18×9.5 +19 front size, and an 18×10.5 +19 size in the rear. These sizes and offsets leave very little room for error both in terms of inside and outside clearance and had to be carefully planned and accounted for months before the wheel’s arrival at IND. Our careful measurement paid off during the ultimate moment of truth.

We opened the Work wheel boxes the moment they were unloaded from their UPS truck like excited kids on Christmas day, and immediately jumped to the task of test fitting the wheels. Any of our readers who have pursued close wheel fitment before will know the “make it or break it” feeling of this moment. We all grinned simultaneously when we saw that the wheel fitment was literally perfect- the front and rear wheels cleared with just enough room to spare!

IND installed KW ClubSport coilovers to give the car the camber and ride height adjustment it needed. The VS-XX wheels were shod with Yokohama Advan tires, and the front fenders and rear quarters were carefully rolled to accommodate the aggressive wheels. Kristin added an Arkym front lip and rear trunk spoiler, both painted by IND, to enhance the car’s sleek and low appearance. Gloss black grilles and painted reflectors round out the basic accents on this Z4M. Kristin has wasted no time and is also patiently waiting for an Eisenmann exhaust system to be hand built and imported from it’s Stuttgart manufacturing facility.

Although this car’s mild state of modification will not last long, Kristin has once again proved that simple modifications can completely transform the personality of a car. Please stay tuned as Kristin continues to build her version of the perfect Z4M!

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