Introducing: IND’s M2

Introducing: IND’s M2

As with all IND owned cars, our M2 is always both a test bed and a means to inspire BMW fans and show what’s possible with the platform. Although our work with the M2 is still in it’s infancy, we were fortunate enough to cooperate with some of our most trusted partners and make some excellent progress with the wheel fitment, suspension, and brake system.

We’re very excited to feature some newly developed components on our M2:

  • 9.5” wide front and 10.5” wide rear Carbon Revolution wheels, with 265/285 width tires
  • KW Triple Adjustable ClubSport coilovers
  • Brembo GT brakes, 380mm front and rear type III discs, yellow calipers

While some tuners have already installed wheels on the M2, exceeding the car’s original wheel and tire widths has proved difficult, and we are very excited to show M2 fans that it is indeed possible to upgrade to a 9.5” front and 10.5” wide rear wheel. We’re also thrilled to test KW’s brand new ClubSport suspension- KW’s own racing driver recently drove our M2 at the Buttonwillow circuit to develop and prove the new ClubSports. Finally, Brembo is helping us to improve on the very limited pad area and relatively low performance disc design provided by BMW from the factory. We’ve rounded out our car with the BMW Performance front splitters and rear diffuser along with a full IND cosmetic package, to complete our first stage of development.

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