IND's M4 and M2 go to SEMA

IND’s M4 and M2 go to SEMA

Every year, the SEMA show encourages engineers, manufacturers, tuners, and all others in the automotive performance industry to ponder not what is likely, convenient, or commonplace, but rather was is possible, exceptional, and novel. Each year SEMA encourages the minds of our industry to craft new and exciting ways to extract performance and style from the cars that so inspire millions of enthusiasts around the world.

This year, IND was fortunate enough to showcase our M2 and M4 with two of our most important industry partners: BBS and Rays Engineering/Advan. We are honored to display our best efforts in each segment, and hope that BimmerPost fans enjoy looking at these cars as much as we enjoyed creating them.

For those who are unfamiliar with the production process behind IND’s 10th Anniversary M4, please check the BimmerPost thread here:….php?t=1243542

Our M2 was designed to complement our M4, showcase some newly developed components, and also to be an homage to BMW’s own factory-built race program. Completing those three goals required us to contact our trusted engineering partners at Eisenmann, Eventuri, KW, Brembo, and RKP, and also to create some new and unique solutions of our own.

IND has carefully selected our key partners for their excellence in engineering, their fantastic after-sale support, and their absolutely top level manufacturing quality. All of our top tier partners are able to deliver these things consistently, day after day. KW provided a prototype set of ClubSport coilovers for our M2, fresh off of their 7 post test rig and ready for real-world testing. Advan RS-DF wheels wheels were selected in an 18×9.5 width at all four corners with Falken’s 275/35/18 tires for neutral and predictable handling. Brembo’s GT kit was newly designed when installed on our car, and improved the thermal capacity of the car’s braking system with a more rigid caliper, thicker brake disc, and substantially larger swept pad area than the factory brake system. Eventuri’s air intake cleans the airflow of the intake tract and provides the signature Eventuri intake growl which pairs perfectly with Eisenmann’s prototype M2 exhaust system. Eisenmann’s M2 exhaust was designed for a dramatic difference in sound both with the valve open and closed, and gives the M2 a more pronounced roar that is unmistakeable.

Finally, RKP stepped in to give the M2 the exterior components that the car was missing from the factory. A roof panel was designed that mimics the original M4 panel, but is sized appropriately for the M2. RKP created a trunk spoiler which is specifically proportioned to be an exact match for the roof, and aggressively protrudes from the trunk lid, giving the back of the car a more exciting appearance. RKP’s GTS style front lip spoiler completes our motorsport-derived look, when paired with the original BMW Motorsport wing found on the M235i racing model, and the later versions of the M2 MotoGP Safety Car.

A rear closeout was created and upholstered in Alcantara fabric, to separate the passenger compartment from the trunk area, and integrate nicely with BMW’s own Motorsport roll bar, finished in Alpine White. The interior was treated with the full BMW Performance catalog, with BMW’s own carbon fiber details accenting the roll bar perfectly. An M4 GTS steering wheel was retrofitted to the car, fitting perfectly with this car’s Motorsport-inspired vibe. Finally, we finished the interior with our own shift paddles, painted Alpine White to match the roll bar.

Each year, the automotive aftermarket industry treats SEMA as a sort of celebration- a way to commemorate our collective progress that year, and a celebration of what’s to come. For all of us going to SEMA, cars will never be a simple means of basic transport, but rather a means of inspiring ourselves and others, and a way of creating an artform that transcends sheetmetal, carbon fiber, and paint to speak to something deeper within us all. We hope that our M2 and M4 can showcase IND’s love for the automotive art form, and that they will speak to all BMW fans- those who are attending SEMA in person, and those who are able to catch the show details online.

Thank you to our trusted industry partners for always working with IND to create the best possible M cars:

  • Eisenmann Exhaust Systems GmbH
  • Eventuri Automotive LTD
  • 3D Design Japan
  • RKP Composites GmbH
  • Fall Line Motorsports
  • Brembo brake systems
  • KW suspensions
  • BBS wheels
  • Volk wheels
  • Advan wheels
  • Project Kics wheel fasteners
  • Detailer’s domain detailing products

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