IND's Long Beach Persuasion

IND’s Long Beach Persuasion

Unlike IND’s other demo cars, our X5M has always been an exercise in balance. Just as BMW created a sports truck that can do everything it’s owner may require, the modifications IND has installed have had to respect the balance of the X5M. While any change from stock will make for a more extroverted truck, the components that we chose to utilize were designed and selected specifically for their ability to enhance the X5M without taking away from its everyday utility.

Over the course of the previous two years, our X5M has served as a development vehicle for the products we wanted to design and test, while also serving double duty as a daily driver, and even occasionally a parts transport for IND clients! Today, with it’s final sendoff photoshoot, we celebrate BMW’s incredible F85 X5M, and show IND fans our latest iteration of this great truck.

Enjoy the photos!

Modifications include:
RKP Carbon Fiber front lip
RKP Carbon Fiber bumper inserts
RKP Carbon Fiber rear diffuser
IND Black Chrome front grilles
IND Black Chrome side grilles
IND Black Chrome trunk badge
IND Gloss Black Painted rear roundel
IND Painted front reflectors

KW Variant 3 coilovers
Eisenmann Black Series Sport exhaust system w/Black Chrome tips
Eisenmann downpipes
ESS software

Velos Designwerks D7 wheels

Dealer Application