IND's G87 M2 Road Trip to Road America

Anyone who has visited the iconic Road America knows that not only is it the premier racing circuit of the Midwest, but it's also one of the most scenic. It was with this mindset that IND's Marketing and Content Manager decided to take the relatively short 2 hour trip straight north to take in some of that motorsport-inspired splendor.

Those of you familiar with the track will also know that the surface had not been overhauled since 1995. Luckily, the milling and grinding of the entire almost-4.1 mile racetrack (plus the pit lane) actually began at the beginning of October last year. As is expected of a world-renowned racetrack, the resurface project was comprehensive: fine grading, a new base layer, and a new final asphalt surface layer was completed before the end of the month with a celebratory ribbon-cutting ceremony at the beginning of November 2022.

Unlike other parts of the country, we Midwesterners do unfortunately have a rather unpleasant racing off-season. But in the case of Road America, this gave the all-new race surface an entire off-season to cure before the start of the 2023 season so we had to get a look at the new surface for ourselves—and get some photos of our G87 M2!

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