IND Vegas 'Vacation': SEMA 2023

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As we arrived at Chicago's O'Hare airport for our early-morning flight, the exterior air temperature was a balmy 28 degrees. Vegas-bound, we weren't about to complain about having to get up early. Every year, automotive enthusiasts from around the world eagerly anticipate the SEMA Show, an event that showcases the latest and greatest in the automotive aftermarket industry. This year, IND Distribution embarked on another exciting journey to Las Vegas to be a part of SEMA 2023.

As we touched down in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, with its iconic skyline, world-renowned casinos, and vibrant nightlife, it's hard not to think of Las Vegas as the perfect backdrop for SEMA. There was, however, one big difference this year. As Formula 1's Grand Prix follows in less than 3 weeks, the Las Vegas Strip was almost unrecognizable.

While the additional traffic added the occasional headache, as we made our way to the Las Vegas Convention Center, the buzz and energy were undeniable. It was almost as if the entire city was themed for SEMA and F1 and it made for a unique experience. As always, the show itself was a sight to behold.

While the heart of SEMA is the opportunity to connect with partners, industry experts, car enthusiasts, and fellow businesses, one of the highlights of SEMA is no doubt exploring the incredible variety of vehicles and products on display. The show floor was an automotive paradise, featuring everything from classic cars to the most futuristic designs. Attendees marveled at the creativity and craftsmanship on display, from custom paint jobs to innovative modifications and conversions. We hope you enjoy just a few of our highlights!

Our trip to SEMA 2023 in Las Vegas was an unforgettable experience. It provided us with inspiration, new connections, and reinforced our ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch products and services to our valued customers. We're already looking forward to SEMA 2024, where we hope to continue pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation and sharing our passion for cars with the world. Until then, IND Distribution remains dedicated to being a driving force in the automotive aftermarket industry.

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