IND tradition: IND M2 dyno test at AMS Performance

IND tradition: IND M2 dyno test at AMS Performance

The arrival of IND’s M2 last week created a flurry of activity: wheel fitment needs to be measured, suspension checked, installation instructions written, and baseline testing must be conducted. The excitement around the car was absolutely palpable at IND, as we admired what looks in many ways like BMW’s homage to the glory days of M. Here we could see that BMW had done everything possible to create a car that followed core M principles: the M2 is simple, lightweight, and dynamic.

Any time a new M car arrives at IND, the staff can find itself feeling like we’re doing many things all at once. However, one item on our to-do list remains unchanged, and at this point is effectively an IND tradition: a dyno test at the venerable AMS Performance.

AMS’ DynoJet dyno has been host to every single M car IND has ever used for Research & Development, since our E92 M3 many years ago. Hearing the M2 roar to life on the same dyno that’s contained our F10 M5, F82 M4, and so many other cars felt like the perfect way to begin our journey with the M2.

Although these preliminary dyno tests do not yield all possible information, they are able to give us some basic early impressions about the M2. By testing the car over the course of several runs, we can get an early feel for heat soak, the shape of the poweband, and how the ECU manages boost and ignition timing as repeated runs and elevated temperatures are introduced. While we will not be publishing specific information at this time, we did want to share the initial power output of the M2: a stout 335 horsepower and 370lbs-ft of torque at the rear wheels.

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned as we dive deeper into BMW’s M2!

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