IND Top 10 List - September 2019

Dinan F90 M5 Rear Suspension Link Set

The F90 M5 is a beast. But despite its power figures, the M5 is more often than not relegated to more pedestrian driving duties. Because of that, lots of aftermarket manufacturers have overlooked suspension upgrades for the super saloon, saving their energy for more inherently nimble platforms. Until now.

Yes, the infamous BMW aftermarket marque Dinan has spawned a rear suspension link set to beef up the F90 M5’s chassis to cope with the power.

What it Does: Dinan’s high performance Rear Suspension Link Kit adds precision and predictability at the limit. OE suspensions are often equipped with rubber bushings to suit the general public’s comfort tolerances (which is good), but for enthusiasts who demand more, these bushings (both toe and trailing) are merely a flex point that compromise optimal handling. By replacing the toe link bushings with Teflon-lined machined steel rod ends, flex is dramatically reduced. A similar approach is taken at the front—ball joints (similar to Dinan’s front monoball kit) replace the trailing arm rubber, ensuring maximum confidence and consistency in all driving conditions.

Defining Features: As far as we know, it’s the only viable option for F90 M5 owners who are looking for more robust chassis response and Dinan has years of experience of crafting BMW parts to do just that.

Future Classic E9X M3 Trailing Arm Set

Similar to the Dinan F90 M5 link set, there are (surprisingly) very few trailing arm offerings for the E9X M3. Over time, this arm has been known to fatigue and bend, especially under hard cornering or suspension compression. Consequently, the arm can buckle without warning which can be, at the very least, inconvenient or downright devastating.

What it Does: Future Classic's trailing arm set beefs up the OE arms by adding a dimpled, CNC machined steel reinforcement plate to the open end. By doing so, they effectively create a box—this increases the rigidity of the trailing arm and thereby reduces unwanted flex. And, as an arm susceptible to bending, committing to steel further prevents deformation under weight, force, or heat versus any aluminum counterpart.

As you might expect from FC, there was even consideration paid to the finish—each trailing arm set meticulously powder coated in semi-gloss black to match the OE finish and protect against corrosion.

Defining Features: The Future Classic E9X trailing arm dimpled steel reinforcement plate is a direct mirror of the OE arm, making it a subtle yet incredibly effective mod for your E9X M3. An even more comprehensive solution for those looking to pair these arms with better bushings, these arms can also be optioned with FC’s trailing link bearing set. These ball joint bearings are sealed for long life performance and are devoid of any increased NVH that you would get from a monoball solution.

Eventuri F56 Cooper S / JCW Plastic Intake Kit

Performance doesn’t always have to come at great cost. This new plastic version invites a wider demographic to experience the very best of Eventuri's renowned engineering without any sacrifice to performance.

What it Does: Indeed, the F56 platform has provided Eventuri with a potent foundation to build upon—the 2.0L B48 motor. As a fully sealed system, the B48's turbo (with help from a carbon bonnet scoop) is supplied with a consistent flow of ambient air through larger internal volumetric channels rather than drawing its supply from a hot engine bay. The combination of a sealed system with an air scoop results in lower intake temperatures than the stock airbox and avoids heat soak which is a common issue especially on higher powered MINIs. To ensure the smoothest flow possible to the turbo, Eventuri's Patented filter housing is coupled with a CNC machined MAF tube.

Defining Features: The Mini intake system is everything you’ve come to expect from Eventuri, but the filter housings and ducting are made from plastic. To retain some bling, the hood scoop is still included in a glossy carbon—a really nice aesthetic touch that provides a nice hint as to what lies beneath.

IND A90 Supra Painted Front Reflector Set

We can’t help but feel excited about the new Supra—it’s very much a BMW at the core, but carries perhaps one of the most iconic nameplates to live up to. As has become customary with a new model introduction, we have applied our tried and true formula for painted front reflectors to the A90.

What it Does: More than just slapping a coat of paint onto a piece of plastic, IND’s signature product takes great care to preserve a methodology that guarantees the very best. Everything about these reflectors exude quality, from the OEM cores (manufactured in Germany) to the factory matched Supra-specific paints. Crafted by a staff with a combined 30+ years of experience, each reflector is meticulously hand sanded, primed, painted and cleared exactly as we would with our iconic BMW cosmetic program.

Defining Features: Aside from IND’s aforementioned methodology, each reflector set is polished with Rupes equipment and lovingly finished with a coat of Adam’s paint sealant, ensuring each set arrives in pristine condition.

RKP F82 M4 Carbon Side Skirt Set

In an era when carbon is king, RKP Composites has become synonymous with creating iconic aero components for modern BMWs. RKP’s signature look stems from a thorough study of BMW’s own design language, borrowing design cues that make RKP products feel like natural, stylistic extensions of the OEM pieces.

What it Does: RKP’s interpretation of the F82 / F83 M4 side skirt set comes at the tail end of the car’s production, but it was well worth the wait. Each skirt has been sculpted to appeal to a wide but discerning audience, walking that fine line between OEM+ and subtle aggression. Indeed, it’s best to let the pictures do the talking here so you can fully appreciate all of the fine details that lay within the side skirts’ design. They are, quite literally, the most beautiful carbon skirts available on the market today and have been flying off the shelf since their introduction.

Defining Features: As with the F80 variant, the design, mold and manufacturing is completed in RKP's US facility. The side skirts are constructed using a vacuum infusion process, which yields an excellent carbon-to-resin ratio. This ratio means the side skirt is resilient—a valuable characteristic for aero parts that will be exposed to unpredictable driving situations. It also means that validation testing is easily controlled; fitment / weave is RKP perfect and quality is guaranteed.

Future Classic E9X M3 Wrinkle Valve Cover Set

The E9X M3 is getting on in age now, and with age comes the need for maintenance. The S65's magnesium valve covers eventually leak and the oil runoff can cause the valve covers to bubble and flake. On the inside, too, flaking is often realized along with a mustard-like paste that can take hours to remove, and infinitely longer to fully refurbish.

It's a messy endeavor, but if there’s a company that knows how to make hum-drum, routine maintenance into an exciting and drool-worthy mod, it’s Future Classic.

What it Does: Future Classic's replacement valve cover sets are fully plug and play, use factory cores, and are meticulously powder coated in beautiful wrinkle finishes for that perfect OEM+ look. By nature, powder coating is made to withstand higher temperatures, making it the definitive choice for engine application. Each valve cover pair includes a new OEM gasket, oil separator, and accompanying bolts to ensure miles of worry-free operation.

In addition to finishing options, Future Classic are offering the valve cover sets in two ways: brand new or refurbished. This allows a wider array of E9X owners to get their hands on some much needed “mod-maintenance” without breaking the bank. How nice is that?

Defining Features: Throughout FC’s product line, they’ve become synonymous with their commitment to fit and finish. They have an uncanny ability to think of the most comprehensive solutions possible and these wrinkle valve covers are no exception. The wrinkle finish could be straight from BMW’s catalog and knowing that only OEM parts (gaskets, oil separators, etc.) are used with the kit, you’re guaranteed tens of thousands of worry-free miles ahead. Custom colors are also available by special request.

3D Design G01 X3 M-Sport Carbon Front Lip

3D Design is known for producing the very highest quality aero and accessory parts in Japan. Although the G01 X3 is a handsome addition to the BMW SAV lineup from the factory, once you see one with the 3D aero program, it’s almost impossible not to want everything they have to offer. But let’s just focus on the front lip (for now).

What it Does: The 3D Design G01 X3 front lip adds some extra sporting character to M-Sport equipped cars. The lip protrudes down and outward, flirting with every OEM bumper detail along the way. A pair of sculpted brake duct-like inlets divide the lip to ensure it doesn’t feel or appear bulky, while its edges sit perfectly flush with the ends of the wheel arch area.

Defining Features: 3D Design has always been known for their detail and accuracy; 3D’s parts fit like they were manufactured right alongside the car itself—perfect. This exactness extends through to the weave, which is as straight and true as you’d expect from this Japan-based marque. It’s a part that makes you proud to put on your car and installs with ease.

IND F8X M3 / M4 Carbon Side Grille Set

Just because it already exists doesn’t mean it can’t get any better. This constant drive to improve has led IND to create a brand-new version of their F8X carbon side grilles. This V2 set is an immense, ground-up improvement over the first iteration and we’re excited to see them on more F8X’s.

What it Does: The V2 side grille set is a much more consistent and bolder weave pattern that is now full carbon and is a full replacement unit for the OE piece. This bolder weave makes it more apparent from a distance and helps accentuate the side grilles’ design nuances further.

Defining Features: Seeing the two variants side by side, the changes are incredibly apparent. Modeled off of the OE piece, you’re guaranteed perfect fitment alongside a cosmetic upgrade.

Future Classic 5x112 Wheel Spacer Kit – V2

Admittedly, it’s still odd to see BMWs with a 5x112 bolt pattern, but alas here we are. Future Classic’s first 5x112 spacer has been incredibly successful—it’s modeling and development was carried out on an F90 M5, which made for a robust and sporting test bed for all M hubs. Unfortunately, BMW decided to use a slightly different hub design for non-M models, leaving the FC spacer’s hub bolt location slightly askew and unusable for regular BMWs.

While FC could’ve easily just sat passive, they took the liberty to redesign their 5x112 BMW spacer to accommodate both non-M and M hub bolt positions—the new spacer has a slotted hub bolt area that accounts for the small difference. In addition to this, larger pocketed areas were achieved, allowing the 5x112 spacer to drop a bit of weight in the process. Win win.

What it Does: It may seem obvious, but a wheel spacer adds additional track to the front and rear and is often used to compensate for non-ideal wheel offsets, either from the factory or with aftermarket setups / suspension. Future Classic’s variant does this within the most comprehensive package on the market—four hub bolts, race worthy Copaslip copper anti-seize, an anti-seize applicator brush, and of course, wheel bolt hardware is included with every kit. Over 1,000 kits have been sold in a handful of months with absolutely ZERO problems. That’s a testament in itself.

Defining Features: Now designed to accommodate all non-M and M 5x112 BMW models, the spacer pocketing perfectly mimics the factory wheel—a nice design touch that also guarantees strength and load rating to also accommodate the new X-series cars. The beautiful machine work that FC fans have grown accustomed to receiving is directly carried over and are available in two popular sizes to start—12 and 15mm—which ensures a robust hubcentric design can be utilized.

IND Carbon Roundel Set

Ask and you shall receive—IND has finally created carbon fiber roundels for hood, trunk, and wheel applications. Indeed, it has taken some time to get things exactly right, but you can rest assured that the finished product is everything you’ve come to expect from an IND product. Carbon all the things!

What it Does: The IND carbon roundels are direct replacement for each OE unit. The traditional Bavarian Blue is ditched for a trendy, striking carbon weave. As has become quite popular of late, the carbon wheel roundels are a floating cap design, allowing onlookers to admire your unique tastes as you drive past.

Defining Features: IND’s versions affix carbon patterned overlays into OEM roundels and are then shot with clear coat to seal them into place for long-term performance and gloss consistency at any viewing angle. Just like IND’s standard roundel options, you can have your carbon versions with three optional paint finishes—gloss black, matte black, or black chrome.

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