IND | The 30th M

IND | The 30th M

This client is easily one of our favorites. Incredibly kind and soft spoken, yet open to the unconventional when it comes to his cars. Not only was one of his vehicles the very first of our builds, the M2 now adds to his long list of projects with IND dating back nearly 10 years!

Here are just a few of his previous builds with us, some of which you may be familiar.

We weren’t sure what direction to take with this one, and ultimately decided to draw inspiration from his former 1M project.

Even with only 40 miles on the odometer, we decided that the first to go was the OE steel roof, replaced by the RKP carbon roof panel. Next from RKP was the new carbon GP upper lip and lower splitter inspired by the BMW M2 MotoGP series safety car. 3D Design Japan’s carbon side skirts draw the eyes from the fron down the side and back to the 3D Design Japan carbon diffuser, completing the first round of carbon accessories.

With the factory hood now appearing a bit too ordinary by comparison to the rest of the vehicle, we decided to outfit the M2 with a full carbon fiber hood from Motorsport24, rounding off the front end of the vehicle. The power dome on the hood nicely mirrors the channels molded into the RKP roof, providing a much more assertive appearance over stock. At the rear of the vehicle, the BMW M235R racing trunk lid nicely accommodates the RKP M4 GTS trunk spoiler.

Under the hood, the M2 now has the Eventuri carbon fiber air intake system and the Eventuri carbon fiber M2 specific engine cover. The intake significantly improves air delivery over the stock counterpart, and provides a pleasantly pronounced induction noise under acceleration.

Eisenmann’s full exhaust (centerpipe and rear muffler) were fitted to make the car sound as it should have from factory. Optional carbon fiber and gold plated tips compliment the other carbon components in matching 2×2 weave.

KW’s height adjustable sleeve kit offers some flexibility in ride height, often necessary here in the midwest. The springs are perfectly suited for use with the OE dampers, tightening up body roll on turns without adding any harshness.

Amongst the major modifications, we were sure not to forget our signature cosmetics on the exterior of the M2. Painted grilles, reflectors, and trunk emblem.

We’re admittedly a bit surprised at how much we like the completed build now as many components were not planned for from the beginning. Hopefully our client is as thrilled as we are.

Please enjoy the photos!

Full Modification List:
Acexxon Honeycomb Rear Reflector Inserts – Gloss Black
Autotecknic Dry Carbon Shift Paddle Set – Matte Clear

3D Design Japan Carbon Side Skirts + Arancio Borealis CRT Stripe
3D Design Japan Carbon Rear Diffuser + Arancio Borealis CRT Stripe

BMW OEM M4 GTS Euro Seats
BMW M Performance V2 Steering Wheel
BMW M Performance Matte Carbon Steering Wheel Trim
BMW M Performance Carbon / Alcantara Interior Equipment Kit
BMW Motorsport M235R Trunk

Eisenmann Exhaust System + Carbon / Gold inner tips

Eventuri Carbon Intake
Eventuri Carbon Engine Cover

Future Classic Club Sticker – Competition Style

IND Front Grille Surrounds
IND Painted Front Reflectors
IND Painted Hood / Trunk Roundels
IND Painted Side Markers – Mineral Grey / Gloss black
IND Painted BMW OE M2 Brake Calipers – Arancio Borealis
IND Polar Blue Stitched Leather Knee Pad
IND Colored Seat Belt Set – Polar Blue
IND Polar Blue Start / Stop Button
IND Matte Carbon Stitched Parking E-brake Handle
IND Alcantara Custom Stitched Armrest

KW H.A.S Suspension Kit

Motorsport24 Carbon Hood – Mineral Grey / Gloss Black

RKP Carbon Roof – 2×2 weave
RKP Carbon GP Front Lip / RKP Lower Splitter + Arancio Borealis CRT Stripe

Hi!, I couldn’t see in the list of modifications what are those wheels?

Can you please tell me what are those wheels? Brande and size.

Thank you so much.

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