iND Red Start/Stop button DIY

iND Red Start/Stop button DIY

IND Red Start / Stop Button for BMW F-Chassis Cars
Tools Required:
-Pry tool
-Masking Tape
-Tweezers or two small flat heads to release button tabs

1. Add a small piece of tape on the dash so that you don’t leave any unwanted marks


2. Enter flat pry tool on the bottom corner section of the switch.


3.Release the clips and use your other hand to remove the switch from the dash.


4. With both hands you can now remove the switch

5. Next you will need to unplug the switch. Compress the plastic tab on the harness release


6. Next step is to remove the back cover of the switch. There is a series of plastic tabs that you need to release.

7. Once the tabs are released remove the back cover of the switch.


8. Photo showing the back cover off of the switch.


9. This is the only part I got stuck on for a moment  You need to make sure that both tabs are compressed at the same time otherwise the button will not release. Please see the red arrows in this photo


10. After the tabs are released the button will slide out of the switch cover.


11. Time to install the Red button

12. Once the new button is in place install the back cover back onto the switch


13. Connect the wire back into the switch.


14. Press the switch back into place and Enjoy!

Link to iND Red Start/Stop Button:

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