IND installs HRE P101 on a Porsche 918!

IND installs HRE P101 on a Porsche 918!

I can say with absolute confidence that Ferdinand Porsche could not have possibly fathomed a creation like the Porsche 918. Even the best science fiction writers of his day could not have envisioned a vehicle with this level of performance. Silent drive, a 2.2 second 0-60 time, CFRP chassis, a combined hybrid drive fuel economy of 67 miles per gallon, these figures would have sounded like nonsense to a citizen of 1950s Europe.

Even in 2015, experiencing a 918 in person is akin to encountering alien technology for the first time. Forget the science fiction exterior styling, the incredibly elegant center console, the exhaust outlets placed directly behind the driver’s and passenger’s heads- the sheer sound of the car during start up and idle is enough to terrify a layperson. The lack of sound in all electric mode completes the experience, and gives the distinct impression that the technology contained within the aerodynamic body of the 918 is not of this earth.

Simply encountering a 918 in person is a privilege, but the chance to personalize and photograph one for its owner is a truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The HRE P101 wheels seen on this 918 were discussed, selected, and planned long before this incredible car was delivered to its owner. In fact, this 918’s owner had the wheels installed at Porsche’s facility, prior to taking delivery of the car! Their gloss black finish was an excellent accompaniment to the black stripe work on the car, which itself is an homage to the Porsche Salzburg team of the late 60s and early 70s.

We were thrilled to install this set of P101s on our client’s 918, ultimately proving that even when one owns something as unique as number 512 of 918 of the ultimate Porsche hyper car, there is always a drive to make a sports car your own. Enjoy the photos!

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