IND | G8X Recommended wheel spacers

With the release of the new G8x M3/M4 IND’s mission is to reduce the amount time needed looking at countless threads to see what spacer sizing is recommended.

Spacers are similar to aftermarket wheels with regard to opinions; everyone has different preferences and tolerances. We prefer the more subtle look with zero-wheel poke - our favorite setup on the new G8X is a 15mm front and 12mm rear.

We will continue to update this thread as more suspension options arrive to market.

Factory (OE suspension /no spacers)

Recommend spacer sizing
• Standard Fitment - 15mm Front / 12mm Rear
• Aggressive Fitment - 18mm Front / 15mm Rear
• Alternative Aggressive Option 15mm Front / 15mm Rear

Thread pitch and sizing on the G8x M3/M4
• 5x112 bolt pattern
• M14x1.25

Recommended brand = Future Classic (Made in USA)
• Complete kit includes: two competition wheel spacers, ten extended length zinc plated lug bolts, four hub bolts, Copaslip copper anti-seize, and an anti-seize applicator brush
• CNC precision machined from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum
• Black anodized finish for corrosion and wear resistance
• Provisions to secure spacer to hub for competition use
• Hubcentric design with chamfered edges
• Pocketed detailing for minimum mass

5mm front and rear

12mm Front and Rear

15mm Front and rear

18mm Front and rear



Dealer Application