IND F87 M2 Competition - Style Points

There’s no secret here: the right wheel makes all the difference. Undeniably, the wheel you choose often dictates the aesthetic direction of your car (or vice versa) and the wrong choice can make an otherwise well-executed build appear disjointed.

Fortunately for all of us, HRE is able to build some of the best wheels in almost infinite configurations—assuring all of their products strictly supplement, rather than sabotage, a build.

In the case of our M2 Competition, we tried in earnest to practice restraint. Indeed, this build was never destined to decimate the track or even become vaguely familiar with it. With the M2CS (and potentially more track focused models on the way), we didn’t see much point in trying to take a more predictable approach. Instead, it was an exercise in style, something that keen enthusiast eyes could appreciate, but wouldn’t cause too much of a stir at the local coffee shop.

Indeed, most of its finest details lay beneath the skin, or are hidden by layers of Hockenheim Silver paint. As such, we thought it appropriate to take a few more liberties with our wheel selection; we carefully examined HRE’s catalog and strove to take full advantage of their elaborate finishing options to compliment the Hockenheim factory paint. After thorough consideration, we chose to fit a set of 19” Classic 300 wheels: 9.5 ET22 up front and 10.5 ET35 out back. Both the inner and outer barrels were finished in HRE’s Frozen Stone Clear while the centers were adorned with Brushed Dark Clear.

The result is a wheel that is as dynamic as the paint itself—one that has used material finishing rather than basic color to interact seamlessly with fine details of the car. It’s quite difficult to put into words just how perfectly the wheels mesh with the Future Classic Titanium Stud Conversion and the M2C’s unique caliper finish, but if we had to give it a try, it’d be: perfect.

Truly, this M2C is one that you simply want to admire over and over. It’s been an honor to modify yet another unique BMW platform—which car do you think we should do next?


Words and Photos: Mike Maravilla (@unscenemedia)

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