IND Essential Kit

Given our current climate amidst COVID-19, it seems appropriate as ever to be conscious of what we actually need, the real essentials. With that frame of mind, we felt compelled to take a good look at what IND customers gravitated towards most often during the course of ownership; with it, came the creation of our own essential pack: a set of IND painted front reflectors, Acexxon rear reflector inserts, and a 4-wheel bundle of Future Classic wheel spacers. 

The IND Essential Kit is designed to make maximum visual impact per dollar spent and immediately distinguishes your BMW from crowd. 

To take the guesswork out of our Essential Kit for each chassis, we have included a spacer guide with some of our most popular sizing choices—both for a perfect OEM+ look and owners looking for a more aggressive setup. At present, we are proud to offer Essential Kits for E9X M3, F8X M2 / M3 / M4, F90 M5, F97 X3M, and G05 X5 with more applications for G07 X7 and A90 Supra coming soon.


Dealer Application