iND 15 Year Anniversary Build: G82 M4

Everything starts with an idea. The idea behind IND began fifteen years ago when three young automotive enthusiasts cleaned out a dusty storage office in the corner of a body shop with one simple goal: become the definitive source for the highest quality components. Quickly that simple goal presented complex problems; office hours from seven A.M. to midnight became our new normal, but the underlying passion kept propelling IND forward and with it, garnered fast attention within the industry that we so desperately wanted to change.


It is perhaps those early trials by fire that helped prepare us for what we’ve become today and who we are destined to become in the future. But despite every evolutionary step we take forward, we continuously come back to examine the core of what made IND a success story fifteen years before. Are we putting our customers and our dealers first? How do we make sure we stay true to IND’s core values that have helped us build this unique business? Largely, this lasting commitment to our core values has made IND special in a crowded arena. We have, and will continue, to put people first.

But speaking of people, it’d be a disservice to not talk about the people behind IND today. Most of our passionate staff have been friends for nearly two decades—all the way from negotiating the task of operating a car for the first time, discovering our love for the BMW brand, to honing our unique definitions of automotive style and performance. Tangent to our core values, this long-standing trust and faith in our crew has propelled IND to new heights. Indeed, this sense of family extends to our proud partnerships—our carefully curated “family of brands” is something we are deeply proud to tout and we couldn’t be more excited to work together with them on our latest project.

The G82 M4

There’s a lot that can be said about the new G8X, but which generation of M has gone without criticism? The E30 was a buzzy inline-four that was slower than the equivalent 325i where it mattered to most. The E36 wasn’t a “real” M in the United States. The E46 sounded like a can of bees. A V8 in an M3? Wait, what’s an M4? BMW fans are scrutinizing, but it’s criticism that often fades away behind the wheel. Certainly, that sentiment has given BMW as a brand one of the longest lasting mantras in the industry: the Ultimate Driving Machine.

Faithful to BMW’s credo, we optioned our new G82 M4 project in a classic hue (Alpine White) and with the enthusiast’s greatest accessory: the 6-speed manual gearbox. In sharp contrast to the blank canvas outside, the Kyalami carbon buckets provided the boldness that echoed throughout BMW’s radical design exercise. Once the car arrived at Knauz BMW, we got to work. IND’s suite of cosmetic enhancements were the first components on our M4, followed by some of Future Classic’s most popular mods: their 5x112 wheel spacers and titanium studs.

Indeed, our admiration for BMW’s creation was short-lived—the car morphed from an object of affection to a tool that we used to test and curate components for our eager fans. Early access to KW’s height adjustable spring kit helped lower the M4 onto its haunches; it provided us (and the community) the very first taste of what the aftermarket suspension world would do to sharpen the G8X. The visual effect of KW’s improvement was multiplied with the few BMW M Performance parts that started to become available.

Soon after, we left the car in the trusting hands of Fall-Line Motorsports so they could start development on an expansive array of upgrades. It was at this stage that we got news that SEMA would be moving forward this year. Last year’s absence has us all guessing as to whether the industry’s most notorious trade show would be back, but the announcement triggered a flurry of movement within IND’s walls. We knew that, especially because of the year lapse, we had to do something big.


In our previous portfolio builds, we looked outward to Porsche’s catalog of hues, but after all our chatter about BMW’s history, the decision to pay homage to its own library was an easy one. Over a matter of a few days, the car was disassembled and prepped for what was going to be a remarkable transformation. While our Gelbgrün M2 was made to make maximum visual impact as a new BMW platform, we knew that whatever color we chose for the M4 would also have to reflect the G8X’s evolution into a more mature, yet perfectly capable sporting machine. There was only one color that fit that bill: British Racing Green from the European E36 M3 GT, or perhaps for the more nuanced BMW fan, the AC Schnitzer CLS II.

As luck would have it, the color code to BRG is “312”—one of Chicago’s more notorious area codes and fitting nod to where IND began fifteen years before.


Despite supply chain issues, our collective strength as a brand and as a partner with some of the biggest names in the industry allowed us to continue the build as intended. Where inventory didn’t exist, the required components had to be designed and built in a matter of months while other parts of the car were finished. A simple, linear progression to the finish line certainly wasn’t in the cards, but truthfully, quick thinking and pivots are an exciting part of every SEMA build.

Nevertheless, seeing a brand new car get torn down and built up in stages is a process that still gives us all chills—these are the moments that we live for, the opportunity to show exactly what we, and the Family of Brands that stand behind us, can do to celebrate our 15th year together.


If we’re going to talk about BMW, there’s only one exhaust company that has been there for literally every generation of M: Eisenmann Exhaust Systems. This seasoned tenure has afforded Eisenmann two things: one, an intimate knowledge of BMW’s production methods and two, the engineering expertise to translate hair-raising fervor into an aural experience.

Their work on the new G8X M3 / M4 performance exhaust is no exception. Eisenmann has been a part of our family since the very beginning and this tenure has afforded us the ability to also inject our unique input into each system’s development. We are proud to introduce a new Le Mans tip specifically for the G8X platform; 110mm in diameter, this new double-walled tip features a unique side cut-out—an evolution of the familiar signature tip introduced six years prior. It’s a design detail that immediately sets itself apart and its boastful size compliments the M3 / M4’s more commanding proportions.

For SEMA specifically, we are debuting the carbon variant of that very tip.


Since we were already on track to pay homage to a classic (the E36 M3 GT as aforementioned), there was only one wheel that could properly fill those shoes: the BBS LM. Truth be told, the forged cross-spoke design looks at home on virtually any car with sporting intent, but the angular nature of the LM is a perfect compliment to the G8X. Not to leave things as standard, we called upon our friends at Supreme Power for custom finishing—striking white gold centers were paired with satin brushed clear lips—an exacting blend of class and motorsport.


Before Eventuri, the intake was purely an aural enhancement. Aftermarket intakes could very rarely match the engineering prowess of a given manufacturer and would, in some cases, even lose power. Eventuri has managed to re-write the narrative on what we should expect from an intake system and we couldn’t be more thrilled to debut the very first G8X M3 / M4 intake at SEMA this year. As we have come to expect from each Eventuri intake, the new G8X system promises to deliver unmatched build quality, an optimized intake tract, enhanced sound, and of course more performance.


Fall-Line Motorsports is a name synonymous with one thing: winning. True to their motto, “Race with Champions”, Fall-Line takes their craft seriously and we are incredibly fortunate to have such a formidable outfit in our backyard. As aforementioned, our M4’s delivery was aligned with our partnership with Fall-Line Motorsports—our relationship will foster the development of the definitive suite of suspension, chassis, and safety upgrades for the G8X, all of which are designed and manufactured right here in the United States. We will be proudly showcasing their newest G8X strut brace in a custom finish, front monoball conversion, the FLM oil cooler guard, and their ever-popular motorsport tow straps.


If there was a perfect name to describe enthusiast cars, this would be it. Indeed, Future Classic is a brand that has taken root in both BMW and Porsche circles—both for creating bespoke art and accessories for their fan base, but also from applying that attention to detail toward crafting their own components, thanks in large part to their close ties with Fall-Line Motorsports.

Similar to how the intake was perceived before Eventuri, Future Classic’s reimagination of every component they touch as a well-engineered constituent has allowed them to build upon a stellar reputation.

We will be proudly displaying their Motor Club brushed aluminum limited edition plate frame, their 5x112 wheel spacers, titanium stud conversion, their iconic custom club sticker, and a bespoke Monroney build sheet for good measure so booth visitors know exactly what’s on our car.


Few names carry as much weight in the suspension industry as KW. Much like IND, they have continued to evolve as every new BMW chassis is born. For the G8X platform, they have taken their direct relationship with BMW Motorsport even further: the new BMW M4 GT3 race car will feature KW’s latest generation 4-way adjustable suspension with KW Solid Piston Technology. This exclusive work has allowed KW’s technological progress to trickle down into the systems that we, as enthusiasts, can enjoy. We were fortunate to fit both their G8X Height Adjustable Spring (HAS) kit and their latest Variant 4 Coilover on our M4—the latter of which we will be showcasing at SEMA.

All that said, we are incredibly proud to present our 15 Year G82 M4 build. Just as the company started fifteen years ago, this build started with an idea—and that idea became reality by remaining steadfast to our goal as a brand. As we sit here on the precipice of perhaps the largest shift in the automotive industry since the car was invented, we have to express our sincerest gratitude for joining us on this journey. Cars are unique expressions of very fixed moments in time and we hope that this build firmly cements our impact on the industry today.

SEMA 2021 KW Suspensions Booth #23253

British Racing Green (312), Custom Painted by IND
Kyalami Orange/Black Leather
Executive Package

  • Heated Steering Wheel
  • Power Tailgate
  • Icon Adaptive LED w/Laserlight
  • Head-up Display
  • Wireless Charging
  • Gesture Control
  • WiFi Hotspot with Comp 3 M

Manual Transmission
Carbon Fiber Trim
M Carbon Bucket Seats
IND Painted Hood Roundel - Gloss Black
IND Painted Trunk Roundel - Gloss Black
IND Painted Front Grille Emblem - Gloss Black
IND Painted Engine Cover BRG
IND Custom Painted OEM Caliper Set
IND Custom Front Grille "V3 Mesh" Mod
IND Tri-Color Stitched Shift Boot
Acexxon Rear Reflector Insert Set - Honeycomb
Eventuri (S58) Carbon Intake System
BBS 20" LM 436 - Custom Brushed White Gold face / brushed clear
BMW M Performance Carbon Front Lip
BMW M Performance Carbon Mirror Cap Set
BMW M Performance Carbon Side Marker Set + Accents
BMW M Performance Carbon Door Sill Set
BMW M Performance Carbon Air Inlet Set
BMW M Performance Carbon Rocker Blade Set
BMW M Performance Carbon Rear Diffuser
BMW M Performance Carbon Rear Winglet Set
BMW M Performance Carbon Flow-Through Spoiler
BMW M Performance Carbon Fuel Cap Cover
BMW M Performance Steering Wheel
Eisenmann Performance Exhaust System + Carbon Tips
Eisenmann Non-Resonated Center Pipes
Fall-Line Motorsports Tri-Color Tow Strap + Cover, Front
Fall-Line Motorsports Tri-Color Tow Strap + Cover, Rear
Fall-Line Motorsports (S58) Oil Cooler Guard
Fall-Line Motorsports Front Monoball Conversion
Fall-Line Motorsports Aluminum Strut Brace
Future Classic M14 Titanium Stud Conversion
Future Classic Club Sticker - Competition Style
Future Classic Custom Monroney Sticker
Future Classic 5x112 Wheel Spacer Set - 18mm, Front
Future Classic 5x112 Wheel Spacer Set - 18mm, Rear
Goldenwrench Oil Cap Cover
Goldenwrench Coolant Expansion Tank Cap Cover
Goldenwrench Charge Cooler Tank Cap Cover
Indiv Carbon Air Vent - LHD
KW Suspensions Variant 4 Coilover Set + EDC Cancel

Special thanks to our partners:

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