IND COVID-19 Update: Doing Our Part

14 years.

From the minds and hearts of passionate BMW enthusiasts through and through, IND was born. Within those fourteen years, we’ve made some incredible memories that go well beyond a desire to create and curate the very best products for BMW owners—a community of friendships, partnerships, and family that simply cannot be replaced.

Today the roads are empty. Today the world is quiet. Today is filled with difficult decisions. But today is also an opportunity for all of us to band together amidst an unprecedented time. Today, all of us at IND are reaching out to our cherished automotive community to do just that. With your continued support, we will be able to weather the proverbial storm to make our 15th year a proudly defiant one.

While we are actively aware that the aftermarket industry does provide solace and a sense of normalcy amidst all of this, it’s also a great concern to do our part beyond it.

In direct response, we have activated a 10% off code “TeamIND” to help support not only our IND family, but also the all of the hardworking people who continue to struggle and fight on the front lines of this epidemic.

A portion of the proceeds during this sale will benefit the Solidarity Response Fund (link) to help WHO (link) fight this global pandemic.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support. Just as we have grown together over the past fourteen years, we too can persevere beyond this as one Team.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How does COVID-19 affect IND’s normal business hours?

Starting Monday, March 30, 2020 our physical sales office will be closed.

Consequently, our phone lines will also be off during the duration of this shelter-at-home order. We encourage you to reach out to an IND sales representative via e-mail at with any questions. We will be doing our best to respond in a timely manner within normal business hours (9-5pm CST). Please allow for additional response time as we will be working with limited staff.

What does COVID-19 mean for IND’s shipping policy?

Our warehouse and shipping department will continue operation throughout this difficult time, albeit with a limited staff to protect our team’s health and well-being. Although we have built a reputation on expedient shipping, please allot an additional 2-3 business days for orders to process for in-stock items. For customers interested in specialty items and/or custom orders, please allot an additional 5-7 days for these queries to process, though further delays beyond this window may be experienced on a per item basis.

How do we get in touch with an IND representative if we have questions?

We encourage you to reach out to an IND sales representative via e-mail with any questions—we will be doing our best to respond in a timely manner within normal business hours (9-5pm CST), although please allow for some delay due to an increased inquiry volume.

If you are accustomed to working with a specific representative for your needs, you are welcome to reach out to them directly:

general inquiries
support / order updates
vendor accounts

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