In the presence of giants: IND's M4 visits Fall Line Motorsports

In the presence of giants: IND’s M4 visits Fall Line Motorsports

Having installed the brand new 3D Design aero kit on IND’s M4, we stopped by Fall Line Motorsports to plan the next steps for our M car. We managed to capture some images while discussing suspension packages for IND’s clients. We were honored to be in the presence of so much racing prowess, and feel truly lucky to be partnered with Fall Line. The ability to offer our clients the combination of IND’s street performance expertise along with Fall Line’s setup, alignment, and race engineering experience is a privilege for us at IND.

IND’s M4 is currently using KW’s Variant 3 coilovers, HRE R101 wheels in 18″, and Brembo’s 380mm GT kit to complete the new look and feel offered by our Eisenmann exhaust and 3D Design aero kit.

Enjoy the photos!

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