Future Classic 5x112 Wheel Spacers - F92 M8

Let’s be clear. Subtlety is not what the F92 M8 was built to achieve. Although its heart is the familiar F90 M5’s S63M unit, the car wrapped around it is vastly more exuberant in coupe form versus its saloon counterpart—a fitting exercise given just how much presence the original E31 8er commanded. 

Although the M8’s sloping body is made to excite, the whole package seems to fall short when your eyes peer down to the wheels, even on the mightier Competition model. The F92’s otherwise very fetching multi-spokes appear sunken, surely a result of mandates and regulations, but nevertheless lack the sense of drama that exudes from the rest of the big coupe’s personality. 

Thankfully, Future Classic has done their homework to measure an early production F92 M8 to calculate the perfect spacer setup for the new car. 

We were surprised to see that the OEM rear fitment was more aggressive than other BMW models. As a result, we chose to design, test, and manufacture an all-new 5mm spacer to pair perfectly with our existing 12mm. We believe the resulting 12F/5R combo is a perfect OEM+ setup for M8 owners.

The new 5mm Future Classic spacer is a treat to behold, a direct result of everything that FC has learned in engineering their premium 5x112 BMW lineup. Generous pocketing guarantees minimum mass (118g) while special slotted hub bolt countersunk holes mate up with FC’s unique extended replacements. Future Classic are the only manufacturer that affix the spacer to the hub for easier wheel installation and, coupled with their incredibly discerning manufacturing process, a wobble deterrent. 

Future Classic continues to re-invent what a spacer should be and, simply put, these are the very best ones to install on a $150,000 M8.


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