First set of BMW GTS belts in North America!

First set of BMW GTS belts in North America!

All of us at IND are enthusiasts first- we live and breathe BMW, and have owned everything from the 2002 and E21 to the F82 and F85. Since IND’s humble beginnings, we’ve always pursued rare original BMW parts, not particularly for a commercial gain, but rather to satisfy our own love for the marque. IND’s doors have seen everything from original E46 M3 CSL seats to parts taken directly out of BMW’s DTM and LeMans catalog.

Today, we are proud to show the BMW community the first sets of BMW GTS and Competition seat belts in North America. We knew that we had to take every available set when our connections at BMW informed us some were available, and wasted no time opening the boxes when they arrived today.

The belts shown here are for the F82 M4. Many of you have already seen them in the M4 GTS, and they will also be offered as a retrofit option to IND clients.

Enjoy the photos!

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