Face-Off: A90 Supra Engine Cover Battle (AMS vs Eventuri)

One of the most glaring differences between the A90 Supra market and a traditional BMW market is choice. BMW’s involvement in developing the iconic halo car with Toyota has, for the first time, opened the door for a whole slew of JDM-focused aftermarket companies to try building the fifth gen Supra to their specific tastes. 

Fortunately for us, there have also been a handful of our own vetted favorites who have pivoted to accommodate the A90. Eventuri, a well-established intake and carbon manufacturer, and AMS Performance, the industry-standard for high horsepower builds, have both taken immense interest in putting their own spin on the Supra.

We’d be amiss not to compare and contrast one of the more popular under-the-hood accessories from both camps while they are both here at IND: the carbon fiber engine cover.

Eventuri has taken a very OEM+ approach with their execution—their E9X M3 carbon plenum is undeniably the best on the market and is a one-to-one carbon copy of the factory piece (no pun intended). The same philosophy applies here—the OEM engine cover was meticulously scanned to capture every little detail and then was, to Eventuri’s high standard, crafted entirely from 2x2 twill carbon.

The Toyota emblem cavity was ditched in favor of a bold, red V—Eventuri’s iconic logo. In gloss, it is a striking companion to their incredibly popular intake and instantly makes the engine compartment look upscale compared to its OEM counterpart.

AMS Performance, by contrast, has gone their own way in terms of design. While they too took great care in scanning the OEM cover to exacting proportion, the AMS production piece sets itself apart. Diverting your gaze outward from factory-like center stack allows you to appreciate AMS’s more streamlined and symmetrical aesthetic—this “less is more” approach meant the faux louver-like cues were an unnecessary carry-over. Here, too, the AMS Performance logo fills the void left by deleting the Toyota badge.

The engine cover coordinates well with their other carbon upgrades (intake and DME cover). A handsome matte carbon finish was chosen to immediately distinguishable the AMS pieces from other alternatives.

Exclusive to IND, the AMS engine cover is available in gloss carbon should you be one of the early adopters who already have an Eventuri intake fitted.

We feel incredibly privileged to offer our customers two of the very best options available for the A90 Supra platform. Both are incredibly well made and carry the pedigree of two well-respected outfits. The question remains: which one will end up on your car?

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