F90 M5 First Baseline Dyno (Post-Break In)

F90 M5 First Baseline Dyno (Post-Break In)

BMW’s S63 powertrain has helped define the meaning of having a turbocharged motor in an M car. The latest version powering the new F90 M5 pushes the limits of the twin-turbocharged 4.4L V8 motor yet further promising 600hp and 553lb/ft of torque. The 8-speed transmission paired with the newly adjustable drivetrain ensures the car’s abilities can be adjusted to nearly any driver’s preferences.

Once break in service was completed, we stopped to visit our friends at AMS Performance. Curious to see how accurate BMW’s numbers were on the car while still 100% stock, we hopped on the scales then Dynojet and soon found out.

With the fuel tank approximately 7/8ths full of 93 octane, we weighed in at 4268lbs. BMW’s curb weight estimate at 4370lbs is nearly spot on.

We believe the car was grateful for the chilly weather this morning as we strapped down to the dyno, the AMS staff and ourselves not so much as rain and wind blew in through the open garage door.

Our best run was in 5th gear/AWD/Sport Plus – a surprising 625 whp // 608 lb/ft torque. In all settings power was linear, difference between Sport Plus and Efficient only being about 15hp. We did one run in 6th gear/RWD/Sport Plus and hit the speed limiter at about 152mph/244kph, power maxing out at 593whp // 578 lb/ft torque.

Using these power and weight figures as a benchmark, we’re incredibly excited to move forward with our project and see what the F90 M5 is capable of. Please enjoy our photos and video below.

Yes, Wheel Horsepower. BMW Always underrate the factory HP figures (they say 600 at the engine in this case) but this thing runs almost 25PSI of boost in the factory configuration. Unbelievable!!

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