Eventuri New Release! AUDI C8 RS6 and RS7

Performance Increase – Stage 1 : 45-50hp, 49ft-lbs
Stage 1 Acceleration 100-200Km/h : Reduced by 0.6s
Performance Increase – Stage 2 : 60-80hp, 60-70ft-lbs

Eventuri’s first effort in crafting a system for the previous generation (C7) RS6 / RS7 was an incredible success. As much as 19hp could be seen from the intake alone and it firmly cemented the brand as a “must have” aftermarket accessory for any Audi vehicle.

Expectations then, for the current generation (C8), were high. Eventuri was no longer a “new kid on the block”, but instead an unchallenged king within the segment. As such, the fruits of their labor needed to echo their stellar reputation.

At the core, the core principle onto which you could measure a part’s success remains constant: does it make more power? For intakes specifically, that is achieved by increasing flow rate, smoothing airflow, and maintaining low inlet temperature. In the case of the C8, simply increasing the diameter of the OEM tube (and thereby internal volume for flow) was virtually impossible given the intrusive hood design. Rather than be relegated to lowly power gains, Eventuri’s engineering team opted to completely redesign the airbox. This shift in thinking allowed Eventuri to achieve an impressive boost in flow rate—the turbo inlets were increased by as much as 85%—while also creating a more favorable filter angle to the turbos themselves.

The rethink of the airbox actually contributing to solving the second objective—smoother airflow. The new intake features a rounded panel filter to ensure the airflow path contained no sharp corners and therefore creates less turbulence into the turbos. To achieve this successfully, Eventuri partnered with BMC, the official Formula 1 filter manufacturer, to craft a bespoke filter element for their C8 system.

The benefit to this extraneous effort is a more efficient spool. This efficiency translates to improved throttle response and significant power gains across the complete system (which includes the airbox base, to the lid and the inlets). The gains are compounded when coupled with a tune—while stage one seems an impressive 50hp increase, stage two shows a whopping 80hp along with 70ft/lbs of torque.

We at IND are proud to introduce this C8 system as a very successful sequel to the ever popular C7 RS6 / RS7 intake. Hats off to the Eventuri team for continuously pushing the engineering envelope to create what is simply the best intake available in the aftermarket industry right now.

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