Eventuri F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Intake System

Eventuri F87 M2 Carbon Fiber Intake System

Eventuri leverages their experience in manufacturing high quality air flow components using an approach that prioritizes attention to detail and optimization of function. Eventuri’s passion for BMW cars specifically began over 10 years ago, when the managing partners worked with BMW performance and tuning throughout the UK. Today, IND is proud to show M2 fans a preview of the Eventuri M2 air intake system.

Eventuri’s M2 intake solves several challenges simultaneously, first by routing a front-facing air intake scoop directly into the M2’s air filter, and also by addressing a difficult OE BMW packaging arrangement that positions the breather tube and MAF housing quite near to one another. Eventuri’s dedication to detail created a unique MAF boss design that is specifically intended to interfere with airflow as little as possible, maintaining an extremely low profile inside the carbon tube. This ensures an excellent flow of cool air directly to the air filter, and also a very smooth airflow within the intake tube itself. Because Eventuri uses no universal parts each bracket, plug, and clip is made specifically for the M2 making the entire intake assembly a direct and perfect fit to the N55 engine.

Eventuri’s intakes are made from Carbon Fiber, creating not only an aesthetically pleasing product, but also one that has a low level of thermal conductivity for the best possible heat management within the engine bay. The overall design process focuses on maintaining a smooth, laminar flow of cold air to the engine by optimizing every bend and internal feature of the intake piping. Eventuri’s unique air filter housing also creates a large captive volume beyond the air filter, and has a smooth radius to provide the best possible airflow into the intake tract.

Our video below demonstrates the airflow through Eventuri’s intake system:

Gruppe M uses a conventional cone filter mounted to an intake tube with a shroud around it. The intake also features an air scoop to help guide air into the air filter shroud.

The Eventuri system uses a patent pending Venturi housing with the reverse filter system for a more efficient flow path to the tube. The air scoop for the system is much larger and has a much bigger curved area for better channeling of air to the duct.

In terms of construction, the Gruppe M carbon fiber used in the intake construction is thinner when compared to the Eventuri housing. Eventuri uses multiple carbon layers in construction to form a 1.5mm wall which is more durable.

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