Eventuri B58B30 Carbon Fiber Intake System

Eventuri B58B30 Carbon Fiber Intake System

Using their Patent Pending filter housings, Eventuri is setting a new benchmark in the aftermarket intake industry. With no more unverified and misleading performance gains, Eventuri is consistently developing bespoke intake solutions which bring genuine power and torque increases. Extensive prototyping, testing and rigorous validation methods ensure their intake designs enhance the driving experience of your vehicle in the real world. With a construction quality that is second to none – they are raising the bar on every front.

With Eventuri’s design of their new B58 carbon fiber intake system, the carbon filter housing and the inlet tube have been integrated to be one continuous piece. This reduces the number of internal interfaces and allows for smoother airflow to the turbo. The diameter of the tube smoothly transitions from the required diameter at the MAF sensor end to the larger diameter of the turbo inlet.

The filter housing itself uses their patent pending “Venturi” design which allows for laminar flow from the filter to the outlet – by avoiding turbulence, drag on the turbo is reduced.

A lot of attention was placed on the heat shielding since the intake is located next to the exhaust manifold. For this, a double layer main shield with a silver finish on the exhaust side and black on the intake side was used. The silver layer reflects radiant heat from the exhaust and the black layer absorbs and radiant heat on the inlet side. The air gap between the two layers acts as an insulator to stop the conductive heat spreading to the inner layer. Furthermore – the filter housing has a carbon shroud to block the convective heat coming from the exhaust. There is another smaller double layer shield which protects the inlet side from immediate heat soak.

Finally, there is a carbon scoop which fits behind the grill. This directs ambient airflow straight into the OEM ducting which then directs it to the intake area. On the road – this ensures that the filter area is blocked from the engine by the heat shields is saturated with ambient air to keep the IAT’s low.

All components combine to provide a more efficient airflow path whilst maintaining low inlet temperatures.

Each kit consists of:

  • 100% Pre Preg Carbon Fibre Housings with integrated MAF tube
  • Double Layer Main Heat Shield
  • Double Layer Secondary Shield
  • High Flow Air Filters
  • CNC Machined Secondary Air Flow Breather Adapter
  • Aluminium Intake Cowls
  • Laser Cut Mounting Brackets and Heat Shields

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