ESS Tuning is coming to a Black Series near you!

ESS Tuning is coming to a Black Series near you!

ESS Tuning has been the leading manufacturer of forced induction systems for BMW cars for the last 20 years, and this month ESS has committed to bringing their engineering and design expertise to the Mercedes marque. ESS truly dove in head first with the acquisition of a C63 black series coupe, and the ESS engineering team has already started the process of analyzing the car’s amazing engine. ESS hopes to create a monster power output with easy driving characteristics and years of trouble free reliability.

IND has been a key contributor to ESS’ latest tuning program for the E9x M3, and if ESS performance with this V8 is any indication, the C63 tuning program should yield incredible results. IND has installed over 60 ESS kits in-house with a flawless safety and reliability record, all while yielding a 50% increase in power over the original 400hp output.

Please stay tuned for more updates from IND as ESS continues with their research and development program for the C63 and C63 Black Series!


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