Eisenmann Germany Trip - Porsche Classic Line

Eisenmann Germany Trip – Porsche Classic Line

As a company, every journey that IND has made to Germany has been both inspiring, and has renewed our excitement of things to come. This year was no exception to this trend. From visiting the Eisenmann manufacturing facility, to being able to connect with a core group of local ///Mflight members that were taking part in a scheduled tour of the building, the trip was nothing short of remarkable.

Upon arriving to Eisenmann’s manufacturing facilities situated in suburban Stuttgart, we were excited to see and discuss their current and upcoming projects. Eisenmann’s long standing connections with OE manufacturers like Porsche and Mercedes AMG put them at the forefront of automotive technological advances. Utilizing the knowledge of the vehicles and their extensive experience of craftsmanship and engineering, Eisenmann is ushering in their new Porsche classic line program which will be available for older Porsche vehicles up to and including the 993 911 chassis. As classic Porsche vehicles have aged with time, replacement exhaust components have become difficult and many times impossible to source. The Eisenmann classic line of exhausts allows the owner of a classic Porsche vehicle to replace their exhaust system with a factory-fit counterpart that flows and sounds better than the original component. 

The design and fabrication of the classic systems will follow Eisenmann’s tried and true formula involving rigorous design and flow testing paired with hand-craftsmanship of all individual components used in the construction of each muffler. A single engineer is assigned to see the production of a muffler through from start to finish, ensuring quality of construction.

A number of the completed systems have even found their way onto some of the classic vehicles housed within the Porsche Museum!:

Following the exciting announcement and discussion of the classic line, we took a short walk through of the production facility itself. Many have already seen our detailed tours of Eisenmann’s manufacturing facilities, but for those that have not, please follow these links:

Having spent time with many MFlight members consulting and advising them on specific modifications that would best suit their tastes and goals, it was exciting to meet a few of the individuals and see their respective cars in person. Seeing the fruits of their efforts and knowing that we could help them achieve the end result that they had in mind was rewarding to say the least!

Throughout the course of our time at the Eisenmann facilities, we were able to see numerous test / development vehicles on the grounds. We’ve included a few shots of some of them below!


Eisenmann’s passion and labor that goes into each exhaust system they produce makes it more than just an example of their technological aptitude. It’s a testament to the fact that, in a world where many vehicles are mass produced, building something by hand and the craftsmanship necessary to complete it is in a league of it’s own. 

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