E9X M3 RKP Motorsport Front Lip

E9X M3 RKP Motorsport Front Lip

RKP Composites has emerged as an industry leader of top quality US and German-made carbon fiber products, starting with an excellent development history in the E92 market. RKP was responsible for bringing M3 GTS and M3 GT4 racing parts to US M3 owners, and has pursued only the best components for BMW M cars since. From bespoke exterior solutions for the M5 and M6 to the most popular rear diffuser for the new F8x M cars, RKP has consistently delivered first rate fit, quality, and style to BMW M cars.

Over the lifetime of the RKP brand, we have watched the E92 M3 go from a brand new M car that captured the attention of M fans everywhere, to a seasoned veteran that has proven its capability as an incredibly reliable both as a daily driver as a flawlessly athletic track car. Developing components for motorsport use with racing partners both in Germany and North America has granted RKP staff a wealth of knowledge about the engineering and construction of components that are functional, reliable, and attractive.

RKP’s Motorsport front lip for the E92 M3 is a true racing part, designed with ultimate performance in mind. This front lip was designed to minimize the M3’s front end lift and includes a flat floor center with louvered sides to help maintain a low pressure zone beneath the car. Functional brake ducts route directly inside of the bumper, while maintaining the oil cooler and air intake openings as supplied from BMW. Each lip is constructed from 100% carbon fiber with a specially designed core material for a dramatic increase in strength and impact protection.

The center of the lip is completely filled with core material, allowing the installer to attach the lip directly to the M3’s frame rails, sending aerodynamic loads directly into the car’s chassis.

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