F87 M2 Competition Build: Built to Perform

The enthusiast community is still abuzz with the M2 Competition’s arrival—BMW has delivered the car we wanted, the S55’s familiar song shoehorned into a more sculpted F87 form. But they weren’t finished there. The M Performance boffins have taken pen to paper to create an even more muscular aesthetic, employing generous use of carbon fiber to design an all-new hood, fender set, and trunk. 

We got our first look at these parts prepping our Hockenheim M2C for Bimmerfest and were floored by just how much difference these additions made. The hood’s chiseled proportions help accentuate the prominent power bulge, which pairs beautifully with the carbon trunk. Looking at a car fitted with one from a lower perspective, you’ll see a little E46 M3 CSL inspiration, but as a clever continuation of the roof “double bubble”, the trunk is dramatically channeled down the center line. The effect is nothing short of impressive, adding a bit more theater to the M2C’s already entertaining personality. In both scenarios, we left carbon exposed to provide a refreshing contrast against the glimmering Black Sapphire paint.

Speaking of contrast, the M Performance fenders are exactly that—they don’t shout at you or demand attention. Instead they add balance to the kit and quite honestly, its vented section aft of the wheel area seems to make more sense visually (and functionally) than the fenders they replace. Here too, a slab of carbon was left exposed around the aforementioned vent, a leading line of twill reaches toward the wheel well, eager to witness corners from the first row.

RKP’s roof was almost an obvious choice to compliment the M2C’s new additions. Its 2x2 weave and unique, directed design adjoins the M Performance bits harmoniously while shaving precious weight from the roofline. And while the IND reflectors are usually a lock for an enthusiast’s first aftermarket addition, they add the reputed cherry in this case—the result of which is a perfect balance between form and function and a machine that is, aptly, built to perform.

Words and Photos: Mike Maravilla (@unscenemedia)

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