Black Chrome Brushed FI-R Wheel Set

Black Chrome Brushed FI-R Wheel Set

Much like the BBS FI wheel before it, bringing the BBS FI-R to market has been a journey and a trial, both within BBS itself, and outside of BBS among BBS supporters and vendors.

However amongst the bustle and noise of hundreds of hours of engineering, finite element analysis, pricing negotiations, and even negotiations between IND and BBS Germany, one element of the story is lost to us.

The FI-R wheel is not a wheel engineered and conceived in a vacuum. It is a culmination of a history of hard work, struggle, and success. It is this accumulated effort, this compounded knowledge and force of human will that impresses us at IND. Although the FI-R is still in production and not yet released to the general public, it represents a lineage and a bloodline that is unique to a company founded in 1970 by a couple of guys from Schiltach Germany with a true passion for engineering.

At IND, we’re excited to offer the brushed finish on the BBS FI-R that has been on our IND GTS-plus project, and our newest brush black chrome finish.

Wheel Specs:
Front: 19 x 9.5 ET22
Rear: 20 x 10.5 ET35

Dealer Application