Acexxon F90 M5 Reflector Insert Sets

Acexxon F90 M5 Reflector Insert Sets

Acexxon was founded in 2012 with the intention to provide high quality and affordable products direct to consumer, as well as be a manufacturing partner in Asia and North America for aligned brands. With more than 20 years of OEM/ODM manufacturing and sourcing experience behind them, Acexxon is able to produce a fit and finish that rivals the OE automotive accessories they replace—a guarantee and aesthetic quality that many manufacturers simply cannot match.

Due to popular demand from the enthusiast community, these were developed in a honeycomb design. The reflector inserts are available to be ordered in a matte black finish, as well as a gloss black finish for an additional cost.

The Acexxon F90 M5 Rear Reflector Inserts may be viewed at the following link to our online store:

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