A timeless approach: ESS E92 M3 by IND

A timeless approach: ESS E92 M3 by IND

The E92 M3 in many ways marked the end of an era. The 21st century brought with it incredible technological progress, but also a renewed sense of urgency for caring for the environment. Automakers in every corner of the world have adapted their philosophies to better reflect humanity’s needs, and while the sports car is not extinct, different approaches must be relied upon to deliver the thrills motoring enthusiasts are accustomed to.

Simply put, the simple formula that defined BMW M for thirty years is now a thing of the past. The E92 M3 is the last M car made to rely on a now classic approach to engineering a sports car: a high RPM, normally aspirated motor in front, a great transmission in the center, and a mechanical differential in the rear. Coupled with incredibly dynamic but incredibly easy to drive suspension, BMW’s E92 M3 was truly the final iteration of a design philosophy that started with the E30 M3 so many years ago.

IND’s Portfolio program has always been focused on consulting with our clients to express their individual style to create something special. In the case of this M3, the car’s own personality defined both its modifications and its resulting feel. The Dakar Yellow paint and Varis diffuser system are both extroverted, and a good fit for the personality of the engine beneath this car’s hood. While 8,300 RPM redlines and 550 ESS supercharged horsepower have become the norm in the E92 M3 community, rest assured that the resulting acceleration is anything but restrained.

In contrast, the FI wheels, Akrapovic Evolution exhaust, Brembo GT kit, and RKP GTS style front lip are staples of the E92 chassis. Each has been proven to have not only a beautiful appearance, but excellent functionality in even the harshest on-track conditions. IND’s own yellow seat belts add color to the black interior, while the Awron gauge displays the S65 engine’s key vitals at a glance. Finally, DownForce side skirts and headlights modified by OSS round out this M3, creating a machine that is simultaneously classic in it’s styling, and extroverted enough to effectively wear it’s yellow paint. Bilstein B16 suspension gives the car superior road holding, and a lower stance to boot.

Our client has more plans for this fantastic E92, and will continue to develop his car into a creation that celebrates the end of an epoch for BMW and stands on it’s own as one of BMW M’s greatest accomplishments. Together with AutoCouture (who has supported both IND and this client throughout this project), Deans Performance (who has dyno tested this M3), OSS (who created the incredible headlights), and other partners, this yellow M3 has been transformed into a timeless performance car.

Modifications include:

Akrapovic Evolution exhaust system
ESS VT2-625 supercharger kit
RKP GTS front lip
Varis upper and lower diffuser
European M3 bumper
DownForce carbon side skirts
OSS headlights
BBS FI wheels, custom pinstriped
Yellow seat belts
Awron Kompressor 1 gauge
Brembo 380mm GT kit
Bilstein B16 suspension

Enjoy the photos!

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