A history continued: IND installs an Eisenmann exhaust for an M fanatic

A history continued: IND installs an Eisenmann exhaust for an M fanatic

We are grateful every day at IND for the longevity offered to us by our clients. Thanks to each and every IND client, we have the privilege of watching the ebb and flow of BMW M cars over the decades. We have watched the M brand evolve and grow, and feel lucky every single morning when we come into the office and have yet another opportunity to work with BMW’s latest and greatest. This longevity has granted us a sense of perspective- an ability to remember M models that are long gone, and use BMW M’s history book to make our choices.

From time to time, we are fortunate enough to work with an M fan that has a similar sense of perspective, and a similar love for BMW M cars. The owner of this Austin Yellow M4 has at one point in his life owned without exception every single M car ever created by BMW, and his sense of perspective has enabled him to work with brands that have stood the test of time- BBS, Brembo, Eisenmann.

Our client’s M4 is still in its early stages of modification, but is currently outfitted with a BMW Performance front lip and rear diffuser, and a BMW Performance trunk spoiler. This week we have proudly added one of the first Eisenmann exhaust systems in the country, to give this M4 the bark and personality it deserves.

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more updates as this M4 project continues to develop!

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