A clear signal: BMW Individual Signal Green M3

A clear signal: BMW Individual Signal Green M3

Our Portfolio program once again proves my long-held belief that the folks we get to meet through our time at IND are the absolute best single perk of this job. To earn and modify a BMW M3 is no easy task and takes effort and dedication. Each of our clients has an amazing story to tell, and the opportunity to tell their story through their M3 is unique to our industry.

We are pleased to present Jason’s interpretation of the perfect M3. This BMW Individual Signal Green M3 is a reflection of Jason’s passions, experiences, and life, and his personality is clear in every part added.
Jason is no stranger to modified cars, having previously owned a number of great sports cars, including most recently a 911 Porsche extensively modified with many GT3 suspension and body components. The journey of creating a great modified car is part of the appeal for Jason, and so unlike most IND Portfolio projects, every single component seen on this E92 M3 was installed in Jason’s own garage. Although IND provided consultation throughout the process, Jason installed each and every part by hand, pouring his own blood and sweat into his M3.

Jason’s experience as a pilot for the Marine Corps contributed to his willingness to take on an ambitious project like this, with the patience and discipline learned in the Marine Corps allowing him to tackle the installation of the KW ClubSport coilovers, the ESS VT2 kit, Brembo brakes, and exterior components seen on the car.

This M3 takes a “less is more” approach to tuning in many ways, with Jason opting for a smaller selection of the best possible parts, rather than replacing as much of the original M3 as possible. The car was originally ordered in Porsche’s striking Signal Green color directly from BMW Individual with as few options added as possible, including BMW’s excellent speed cloth interior. With no additional luxury features, this M3 was destined to be a serious sports car from the moment it’s build order was signed.

Continuing with the plan of adding as few parts as possible to create his desired effect, this M3 forgoes many of the “go-to” modifications often seen on cars of this caliber- no painted ESS intake manifold, the original orange reflectors, no rear diffuser. These components were skipped intentionally, forcing the eye to focus on the amazing components that did make it on the car. The M3 is a showcase of nothing but the best from each manufacturer- RKP’s amazing GT4 style front lip, a GT wing from Varis, and the original exhaust system from the M3 GTS as built for BMW by Boysen.

More than any other item seen on this M3, the car’s focal points are surely the mirrors. The full carbon fiber mirrors bolted to the doors of this M3 were a key aspect of the build from the beginning, and Jason knew that acquiring a set directly from BMW Motorsport would perfectly suit the car’s aggressive appearance. Designing the custom bases required to mate the BMW Motorsport mirrors to the M3 was an amazing journey in itself, as seen in our thread here:
I believe that Jason has succeeded in creating his perfect M3- a striking mix of dramatic race-inspired looks, supercar performance levels, and enough comfort to continue driving the M3 on weekend journeys.

This weekend two members of the IND team flew to beautiful San Diego to review the car, get feedback on all of the parts, and document the car in its element in the city and mountain roads of southern California.

Enjoy the photos!

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