A Brushed Summer

A Brushed Summer

When I started working at IND, I was hoping that helping others pick their modifications for their BMWs would then kill my urge to mod my own. Well, so much for that. However talking with the people in the industry as well as IND’s customers gave me insight on which quality products to go for. For that I am happy for.

With that said I would like to say thank you to HRE for their incredible service and their attention to detail. I have had many brand of wheels in the past and always love receiving wheels from this company. They always produce wheels in a timely manner and there is never a need to hound them for updates.

So here is my current E90 M3 6mt that I purchased in fall. Never again will I sell the M3 and THINK another car can replace it. It really is the best all around car that I know of. My Interlagos M3 will be missed!

Current Mod list.
Eisenmann Sport Exhaust
Challenge Sport Xpipe
KW Sleeve Over kit
BMW Edition front and side grilles
IND Reflectors

Brushed Clear Finish

Hankook RS-3


Dealer Application